Answered: How to Inspire People Using Video?

 I was recently honoured by blogger Maura D’Andrea with his request for sharing my thoughts on how to use video to inspire. My response was coupled with over one hundred other bloggers in his article 101 Experts Share Their Tips for Online Success! Some very impressive people on this list, it’s worth browsing! I’ve supplied my answer below for you to read too:

Q: What’s the best way to inspire people using video?
A: Most often people ask me technical video questions about how to make videos go viral, or how to make promotional videos, but in reality, they’re missing the core ingredient: honestly sharing the best of themselves.

What’s the best way to inspire people using video?

Answer: Be real; genuinely share your personal story with your viewer.

It really is that easy, and most people misinterpret this a two step process, yet, this is the only way to do inspire viewers to hear you and feel you which results in action! Let me explain…

First, be real. If you’re going to speak on camera, don’t waste time talking to your viewer’s minds – skip right to their hearts. Use the true power that video has over all other digital medium – jump through the screen into people’s souls. Look at the camera, show yourself for who you are, don’t hide all hints of the stage fright, and talk one on one.

Too much polish can hurt the ‘reality’. In many cases, too much rehearsing, make up, lighting can come off as staged.

And yes, I’m a video producer saying this. But it’s true – I often wouldn’t let the people I was interviewing for their own videos rehearse too much, and it worked!

Second, be candid and share your perspective, your story.

Chris Ruffell Victoria BC

Find your personal ‘Why’. Why you were inspired to help by offering the insights, product or service. Oddly enough, often the more personal the pain, the more universal it is. Touch on your hardships, what sufferings you had before you had your revelation. Remind the audience that inspiration is a flame that must be lit from within. Lead by example, showing the viewer that there is a better way.

Word of advice: video is influential and changes lives; be true to your fellow man and be authentic and genuine, and good will come of your efforts.

You can do it, there are plenty of examples out there.

Dig deep if you need, and find that seed of inspiration that called you to action, share the journey and hand out the fruits of your success.

To inspire a good video will fundamentally be you and the viewer becoming friends!

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