My Favourite 2011 Production

Crest Hotel, Video Tour

The goal was to convey the experience of the hotel to a viewer who’s never seen it – especially the specialty rooms. I loved the hotel, the experience, and I hope you enjoy it too. Man, the seafood there is … unlike anything I’ve had, and I was born and raised on an island on the westcoast. Still doesn’t touch what the Crest and Prince Rupert.

Award Won for UVic Lipdub at SMC ’11!

VICTORIA, BC – The UVic Lipdub 2010 video that went viral late last year was awarded ‘Viral Video Award’ at Social Media Camp, Victoria. The internationally attended, Victoria-hosted two day conference held at the Victoria Conference Centre, presented it’s awards on a Friday gala dinner to kick off the event. Emceed by CHEK TV’s Scott Fee the “standing room only” event also had Nancy White and Rob Cottingham providing their own opinions on social media, delivered with their own personal touch.

Shawn Slavin, organizer of UVic’s 2010 Lipdub, was on hand to accept the surprise SMC’11 ‘Best Viral Video’ award on behalf of everyone involved on the project. “It was an honour to be in the presence of such influential and talented individuals, all of whom have extensive interest and experience with a variety of social media. This award is a testament to the hardwork that each and every single person involved in the UVic Lipdub put into it…this award is for all of us.” said Shawn Slavin. Paul Holmes, one of the co-Founders and organizers of Social Media Camp, presented Shawn the award.

Sitting at nearly a quarter-million views on YouTube, the Uvic lipdub has a life of it’s own. Having made it’s mark, element’s of it’s originality have cropped up in subsequently newer Lipdub’s, such as the impressive UBC Vancouver lipdub.

Relive September 25th, 2010 all over again – watch Victoria’s Uvic Lipdub 2010!


An all around stellar way to start off SMC ’11.

Aclara Promotions’ Media Contact:
Christopher Ruffell, Aclara Promotions

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CHEK Island 30 – Uvic Lipdub Video Day

Footage graciously provide by CHEK News TV.

CHEK News: It was September 25th 2010 at the University of Victoria.
Quote: “Running! A lot of running”
CHEK NEWS: Nearly a thousand people gathering to try and break the world record for this. [UVIC LIPDUB CLIP PLAYS] A lipdub!
Chris Ruffell, Aclara Promotions: “It brought together the entire community. I mean, there were students, there was non-profits, businesses … there was the general public.
CHEK NEWS: Now the post-production work has been completed by Christopher Ruffell (Aclara Promotions) and others.
CHEK NEWS: The video officially launched — today (October 26th, 2010) and it’s an experience that won’t be soon forgotten!
Chris Ruffell, Aclara Promotions: “The crew arrived the day of the shoot — we had never seen that many people lined up and ready to go … so when we ran through each take, it was a different experience — flying by the seat of our pants!”
Chris Ruffell, Aclara Promotions: “We had lights in place. It was quite the experience running through hundreds of people as they did their acting pieces. I think this is the biggest ‘music video’ any of us have been involved in”
CHEK NEWS Reporter: “Would you do it again?”
Chris Ruffell, Aclara Promotions: “Absolutely!”