Real Estate Video Tour, West Coast Modern Home

New Video: Shot a quick video tour inside the incredible modern home on Crescent Road… yes, you know the one I’m talking about – that ONE! It’s for sale, and can be had for a cool 4.9M.. take a peek:

Quite a treat to tour this incredible home – I’ve never seen views or a home like it. Additionally it has a home-theatre and garage with a lift – yes – two storey garage, part underground. And it’s all great looking to boot!

4000+ Views! Westhills BC Development in Langford

Westhills BC 1 Minute Tour Video

4000 views on this piece I produced through Aclara Promotions!

This video has been embedded into the Westhills website for over year, and is a great example of ‘opt-in’ marketing. For each view, someone had to press the play button by choice. Even more exciting is that 4000 views @ 1minute = 66 HOURS of exposure time!

And this doesn’t even take into account repeat views, or multiple viewers at the same screen. Even a simple metric like [views] + = [total run time] gives a good taste how powerful online video is!

What is Westhills?

” A master planned community celebrating the values of environmental stewardship, sustainability and active living in a beautiful West Coast setting. ” Visit today: