Smart Video Marketing with Victoria’s Harbour View Mortgages

Greg Martel, Harbour View Mortgages

When Harbour View Mortgages hired Aclara Promotions to create their new website promotional video, Greg Martel probably didn’t think it’d help beyond merely looking and sounding better.

More than just premium-level video production, Greg Martel got the optional Video SEO (Search Engine Optimization) treatment as well, and it paid off. When chosen, optional Video Search Engine Optimization techniques fine-tune and lend authority to a particular video so that it will stand to Google. “Google, I’m important!”

Not only can a prospective client type into Google ‘greg martel‘ to find web pages to learn about his business, now, thanks to YouTube SEO a thumbnail of his video with his photograph pops up! One click, and a video of Greg Martel, his business location and clients giving testimonial pops up!

This is the future, folks. And we’re living it now:

Harbour View Mortgages is on the leading edge – and has a year or two head start on the competition!

Google is the #1 search engine, no surprise there. What you might not know is that YouTube is owned by Google, and  (wait for it…) due to it’s popularity and relevance, YouTube is the world wide #2 search-engine!

Greg Martel made the right choice, x2. Here’s what he has

  1. A industry-leading online video produced
  2. Opted in for Video SEO to ensure the investment paid off and brought in customers.

Those who know me know I say it all the time. Have a Video Marketing Strategy and make sure you invest in Video SEO!

My Favourite 2011 Production

Crest Hotel, Video Tour

The goal was to convey the experience of the hotel to a viewer who’s never seen it – especially the specialty rooms. I loved the hotel, the experience, and I hope you enjoy it too. Man, the seafood there is … unlike anything I’ve had, and I was born and raised on an island on the westcoast. Still doesn’t touch what the Crest and Prince Rupert.

Grand Success! Crest Hotel Video Tour & 50th Anniversary Films

Aclara Promotions recently showcased the stunning views and professionalism at the 4-star Crest Hotel in Prince Rupert, British Columbia.

The project, co-produced in tandem with Spice Creative Inc, included both a promotional video tour of the building and city, and a in-depth 17 minute documentary film celebrating the Crest’s 50th Anniversary! Being family-owned and operated for over 5 decades now, the Hotel has a moving story that has been told through interviews and narration in the video. The Spice Creative team created a beautifully designed and in-depth 100-page History and Cookbook launch to the public mid-October 2011.

:30 TV Ad and Online Teaser Video – Crest Teaser

A year after the launch of the video campaign, Stephen E Smith, the CEO of the The Crest Hotel, had this to about the results and experience:

” The Crest Hotel in Prince Rupert retained the services of Aclara Promotions approximately one year ago to produce a Video for our hotel’s 50th anniversary. We used short clips of the anniversary video to attach to our website to further enhance the buyer’s experience. To our amazement, we have experienced an increase of over 60  percent in the pre-booking of the 12 suites we have in our hotel inventory.

We most recently added more Video to our website and are planning video billboards, again using the original content.

We are pleased to recommend Aclara Promotions as a reliable, professional and knowledgeable resource to enhance any company’s image on the internet or social media.

Our initial investment to produce a Video to celebrate our Hotels 50 years in business produced a byproduct of usable video vignettes that have produced remarkably high yield results.

– Steve Smith, CEO, Crest Hotel

Crest Hotel Promotional Video Tour

Crest Hotel 50th Anniversary Film

Following the October 10th 2011 celebration date, the Crest Hotel CEO had this to say regarding the 50th Anniversary film:

It’s first class. Outstanding Job. I had tears in my eyes watching – It was very well spiced together with the commentary … the way you fit it together. Well done, thank you.
– Steve Smith, The Crest Hotel

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View the Crest History & Cookbook at the Crest Hotel website: