My Favourite 2011 Production

Crest Hotel, Video Tour

The goal was to convey the experience of the hotel to a viewer who’s never seen it – especially the specialty rooms. I loved the hotel, the experience, and I hope you enjoy it too. Man, the seafood there is … unlike anything I’ve had, and I was born and raised on an island on the westcoast. Still doesn’t touch what the Crest and Prince Rupert.

CHEK Island 30 – Uvic Lipdub Video Day

Footage graciously provide by CHEK News TV.

CHEK News: It was September 25th 2010 at the University of Victoria.
Quote: “Running! A lot of running”
CHEK NEWS: Nearly a thousand people gathering to try and break the world record for this. [UVIC LIPDUB CLIP PLAYS] A lipdub!
Chris Ruffell, Aclara Promotions: “It brought together the entire community. I mean, there were students, there was non-profits, businesses … there was the general public.
CHEK NEWS: Now the post-production work has been completed by Christopher Ruffell (Aclara Promotions) and others.
CHEK NEWS: The video officially launched — today (October 26th, 2010) and it’s an experience that won’t be soon forgotten!
Chris Ruffell, Aclara Promotions: “The crew arrived the day of the shoot — we had never seen that many people lined up and ready to go … so when we ran through each take, it was a different experience — flying by the seat of our pants!”
Chris Ruffell, Aclara Promotions: “We had lights in place. It was quite the experience running through hundreds of people as they did their acting pieces. I think this is the biggest ‘music video’ any of us have been involved in”
CHEK NEWS Reporter: “Would you do it again?”
Chris Ruffell, Aclara Promotions: “Absolutely!”