Interview: Fairmont’s Regional Director of Internet Marketing, Pacific Northwest

As Director of Fairmont Hotel’s Pacific Northwest Internet Marketing, Sine Scott is a busy woman. In Vancouver’s city core alone, three Fairmont properties operate within walking distance of each other, two no more than 5 minutes apart on foot.

Fairmont Pacific Rim Hotel

Lucky for me, and you, I got a chance to pick her brain and share her story. Sine Scott divulged what she knows to hold true for marketing hotels online today:

”  The industry has been quite quick to respond to social media trends, in particular, I think because it seemed like a low cost opportunity for exposure. Over time hospitality brands have learned that they need to put investment into content development, photography and video to really benefit from social media. Consumers have access to more destination information than ever to make travel decisions… ” - Sine Scott, Fairmont Hotels

Fairmont Hotels, Sine Scott

Read my interview with Sine Scott


Presentation: Video Marketing Strategy 101

I’ll be presenting at QCollege on March 26th!

Synopsis: Creating and distributing videos that work doesn’t have to be difficult, and, the tools are now inexpensive and readily available:

Q College Victoria BC

I will be presenting the basics of a video marketing strategy and what is needed to make a video a success online.

The focus will be on Do-It-Yourself (DIY) options for attendees planning on doing their own in-house video production.

Video Production Behind the Scenes

Using templates I’ved used with my own clients and other real-world case studies, you will be seeing my tried and tested procedures when preparing to produce videos for clients. Then I will break down the elements of a video marketing strategy, as well as touch on pre-production, production and online distribution!

In addition, attendees will also receive a resource list of my personally recommended equipment, editing applications, tools, and, tips and tricks!

Be sure to bring your questions for the Q&A session at the end, or contact me here in advance!

Interview: 8 Keystone Essentials for Hospitality Marketing Business, O’Rouke Hospitality

Brian Fitzgerald O'Rourke HospitalityOr… “What are the top areas of service one could base a company on to service hospitality marketing needs?

Just ask Brian Fitzgerald of O’Rourke Hospitality – he’ll tell you.

Or, he told me the 8 points at least, in a recent interview.

Brian, formerly a near-decade long IT manger through Marriott International, now represents Boston’s O’Rourke Hospitalty, a premiere marketing firm for hotels and hospitaltiy outfits.

O'Rourke Hospitality, Hotel Marketing

In our interview, Brian touched on strategic intevestment return on investment, and how to convert video viewers into buyers of hospitality products – not an easy feat, especially with so much competetion in today’s market place!

One thing I’ve seen over the past 10 years in the hospitality space is a continued cut back on on-property staff while at the same time adding more responsibilities in an increasingly complex distribution space. So the world we live in has GMs and DOSMs wearing a dozen different hats and so managing a website, email marketing, PPC, SEO and reporting is just not possible. If these digital marketing channels go unaddressed or get stagnant hotels risk losing market share to competitors that are paying more attention.
- Brian Fitzgerald, VP Digital Strategy, O’Rouke Hospitality

A must read chat- I intend to keep in touch with this fella, no matter where he ends up in the industry!

Presentation: Video Marketing Strategy

I presented at Social Media Camp 2012 covering Video Marketing Strategy for Beginners! The room was packed, and tons of notes were taken and questions asked – feedback was the information was good! I covered three clients, their goals, their strategies, and best of all – their results. What was learnt, what worked, and what tweaks will be made to their campaigns!

Chris Ruffell Video Marketing Strategy Presentation

Social Media Camp 2012: Video Marketing PowerSession

I’ll be speaking in the Sidney room at Social Media Camp 2012, which takes place June 8th and 9th in Victoria, BC! Come see my presentation at Power Session on Saturday at 1:00PM  – all about Video Marketing and strategies for beginners and intermediate marketers:

Session Title
Video Marketing Strategy: Plans that Works!

Session Extract
Video is taking over.  In the world of online marketing, video is now seen as an integral part of any serious project.  But just having video doesn’t mean your project will succeed.  In fact, if you don’t start with an effective game plan your video could even do damage!

In this highly insightful presentation, veteran promotional videographer Christopher Ruffell will guide you through the hurdles of building an effective video marketing strategy.  Using real life examples from a variety of industries, causes and budgets, he will show you the step-by-step building blocks that will take the mystery out of great video implementation and lead your project to success.

About the Speaker
Christopher Ruffell has been a professional videographer for over a decade.  He has developed viral video such as the UVic Lipdub, promotional video for developments such as internationally recognized Dockside Green and music videos which have been featured on Much Music TV. He is the founder of, an online source for video marketing experts and entrepreneurs which features high profile interviews, featured tips and tutorials.  Christopher owns and operates Aclara Promotions, a quality oriented video marketing company located in Victoria, BC.

4000+ Views! Westhills BC Development in Langford

Westhills BC 1 Minute Tour Video

4000 views on this piece I produced through Aclara Promotions!

This video has been embedded into the Westhills website for over year, and is a great example of ‘opt-in’ marketing. For each view, someone had to press the play button by choice. Even more exciting is that 4000 views @ 1minute = 66 HOURS of exposure time!

And this doesn’t even take into account repeat views, or multiple viewers at the same screen. Even a simple metric like [views] + = [total run time] gives a good taste how powerful online video is!

What is Westhills?

” A master planned community celebrating the values of environmental stewardship, sustainability and active living in a beautiful West Coast setting. ” Visit today: