Social Media Camp 2012: Video Marketing PowerSession

I’ll be speaking in the Sidney room at Social Media Camp 2012, which takes place June 8th and 9th in Victoria, BC! Come see my presentation at Power Session on Saturday at 1:00PM  – all about Video Marketing and strategies for beginners and intermediate marketers:

Session Title
Video Marketing Strategy: Plans that Works!

Session Extract
Video is taking over.  In the world of online marketing, video is now seen as an integral part of any serious project.  But just having video doesn’t mean your project will succeed.  In fact, if you don’t start with an effective game plan your video could even do damage!

In this highly insightful presentation, veteran promotional videographer Christopher Ruffell will guide you through the hurdles of building an effective video marketing strategy.  Using real life examples from a variety of industries, causes and budgets, he will show you the step-by-step building blocks that will take the mystery out of great video implementation and lead your project to success.

About the Speaker
Christopher Ruffell has been a professional videographer for over a decade.  He has developed viral video such as the UVic Lipdub, promotional video for developments such as internationally recognized Dockside Green and music videos which have been featured on Much Music TV. He is the founder of, an online source for video marketing experts and entrepreneurs which features high profile interviews, featured tips and tutorials.  Christopher owns and operates Aclara Promotions, a quality oriented video marketing company located in Victoria, BC.

Real Estate Video Tour, West Coast Modern Home

New Video: Shot a quick video tour inside the incredible modern home on Crescent Road… yes, you know the one I’m talking about – that ONE! It’s for sale, and can be had for a cool 4.9M.. take a peek:

Quite a treat to tour this incredible home – I’ve never seen views or a home like it. Additionally it has a home-theatre and garage with a lift – yes – two storey garage, part underground. And it’s all great looking to boot!

Smart Video Marketing with Victoria’s Harbour View Mortgages

Greg Martel, Harbour View Mortgages

When Harbour View Mortgages hired Aclara Promotions to create their new website promotional video, Greg Martel probably didn’t think it’d help beyond merely looking and sounding better.

More than just premium-level video production, Greg Martel got the optional Video SEO (Search Engine Optimization) treatment as well, and it paid off. When chosen, optional Video Search Engine Optimization techniques fine-tune and lend authority to a particular video so that it will stand to Google. “Google, I’m important!”

Not only can a prospective client type into Google ‘greg martel‘ to find web pages to learn about his business, now, thanks to YouTube SEO a thumbnail of his video with his photograph pops up! One click, and a video of Greg Martel, his business location and clients giving testimonial pops up!

This is the future, folks. And we’re living it now:

Harbour View Mortgages is on the leading edge – and has a year or two head start on the competition!

Google is the #1 search engine, no surprise there. What you might not know is that YouTube is owned by Google, and  (wait for it…) due to it’s popularity and relevance, YouTube is the world wide #2 search-engine!

Greg Martel made the right choice, x2. Here’s what he has

  1. A industry-leading online video produced
  2. Opted in for Video SEO to ensure the investment paid off and brought in customers.

Those who know me know I say it all the time. Have a Video Marketing Strategy and make sure you invest in Video SEO!

Nearing 300k Views for UVic Lipdub!

UVic Lipdub, YouTube Viral Video

You know what a Lipdub is, right? If you’re here reading this you probably do. If not, here’s the definition as per Shawn Slavin, director of UVic Lipdub 2010:

“…a lipdub video is a short movie in which individuals lipsync the words to a song, and the audio is dubbed in afterward. In addition to that, the video is an attempt to convey a sense of excitement, happiness and enthusiasm.”

I’d also add, it’s a hell of a lot of fun, a lot of work, and a crazy awesome once-in-a-lifetime-experience to be a part of if you ever get a chance!

UVic Lipdub is nearing 300,000 views now on YouTube, steadily climbing as our appetite for online video remains unquenched, and the thing keeps getting viewed! I watched it far too many times in the editing process (you say ‘what? editing! I thought it was supposed to be a single take).. but it if I sit and watch the whole thing through, start to finish, yes, I still get taken in by the monumental amount of positive energy the lipdubs give off! /tear

Post Script: A ton of behind-the-scenes footage was shot during UVic Lipdub that’s never seen the light of day.  Perhaps one day someone will offer to spend the time to get a new video ready for the lipdub’s 10 year anniversary in 2020.


4000+ Views! Westhills BC Development in Langford

Westhills BC 1 Minute Tour Video

4000 views on this piece I produced through Aclara Promotions!

This video has been embedded into the Westhills website for over year, and is a great example of ‘opt-in’ marketing. For each view, someone had to press the play button by choice. Even more exciting is that 4000 views @ 1minute = 66 HOURS of exposure time!

And this doesn’t even take into account repeat views, or multiple viewers at the same screen. Even a simple metric like [views] + = [total run time] gives a good taste how powerful online video is!

What is Westhills?

” A master planned community celebrating the values of environmental stewardship, sustainability and active living in a beautiful West Coast setting. ” Visit today:

Viral UVic Lipdub Video

VICTORIA, BC – The Canadian UVic Lipdub video gained viral status instantly – top discussed in YouTube’s ‘Canadian Entertainment’ channel! A midnight-launch proved massively successful – a mere 20 hours after being released, the Aclara Promotions’ produced video had been viewed more than 20,000 times! “Initially we didn’t want to get our hopes up – however, watching this video surge upwards is humbling” said Aclara Promotions creative principal, Christopher Ruffell. “Everyone came together; students, non-profits, corporate and the general public to make this all happen.” Ruffell’s perspective is quite unique – he was the Lipdub camera operator!

UVic Lipdub (Canada) – “Haven’t Met You Yet” by Michael Bublé (HD)

Hours before the internet debut, first-time director Shawn Slavin setup the video to a cheering crowd of approximately three-hundred at the University of Victoria’s Student Union Building on Friday, October 22nd. The showing received National coverage with CBC Television in attendance, in addition to the local media: Times Colonist, Victoria News and CHEK TV making return appearances. Donations collected at the door went to the BC Children’s Hospital and United Way furthering fundraising.

CBC News: The National – Peter Mansbridge, UVic Lipdub Viral Video, Victoria BC

The idea for a lipdub music video came to Slavin after seeing the fantastic May lipdub production made in Spain by Universitat de Vic – a university also calling itself ‘UVic’!  The video featuring students singing and dancing to ‘Hey Soul Sister’ by Train quickly went viral peaking the interests of many in Victoria.  “After seeing the other UVic Lipdub video, I decided that we would have to make one too…show the world what we can do,” said an excited Slavin. Upon discovering Victoria-based Aclara Promotions, Slavin was instantly sold;  “Their style of shooting pushes the boundaries to the point where it stands out far beyond anything else I’ve seen,” he said of the production team.

Aclara Promotions recently had National TV exposure though a rock music video it created for the band Cole Grifter. Directed by Christopher Ruffell, the stylized video ‘Habit’ debuted at number one on MuchMusic’s MuchLOUD channel. The talented director of Photography (DoP) from the Cole Grifter music video, Karl Schoepp, shared the DoP role on Lipdub with Ruffell. When asked of the lipdub video’s real-time production demands, Schoepp said “It forced us to become extremely efficient and try to plan ahead as much as possible.” He continued, “It was weird to have hundreds of people watching us do lighting/camera work – we would rarely have this happen on a film set.” Alex Campbell, a member of the lipdub volunteer film crew added, “It really speaks to the ability of everyone involved that they were able to produce such an impressive product despite the stressful situation.” Ruffell affirmed – “This project definitely benefited from the crew’s experience on the strenuous Cole Grifter music video shoot.

The UVic Lipdub video is presented as a long shot weaving through various buildings on the university’s campus.  Students were placed throughout the buildings and danced past the camera to the tune of Michael Bublé’s ‘Haven’t Met You Yet.’  The video finishes with a grand shot from the roof of the McPhersen library looking down over nearly 1000 choreographed extras performing a routine orchestrated by Koh McRadu.“My whole purpose in doing this project is to have fun and bring students together on campus.  …I want this to be talked about for the next year” said Shawn Slavin.  “This is what bringing community together is all about,” continued Christopher Ruffell, “we are proud to be a part of this event in Victoria’s – and Internet – history.”

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